To paint roof surfaces can become tricky-Avoid costly mistakes

Paint roof slabs

To paint roof surfaces can become tricky-Here’s how to avoid costly mistakes

When people set out to paint roof surfaces, we notice a big misconception about what paint system to use. You would be surprised to know that there is one universal system applicable to paint all roof surfaces.

What is a painting system?

We describe this as a system that always requires a sealer, primer, undercoat, and only then the final coat. The methodology behind the application is the most important factor in ensuring a lasting final coat on roof surfaces. This includes the preparation of the roof surface and the choice of materials.

What amazes me is that so often property owners want to save cost by applying luxurious roof paint as a topcoat to an unspecified poor-quality undercoat. The result: A disaster as the surface will need to be recoated within one season.

When you set out to paint the roof of your property it is important to know that various types of final coat finishes exist. Here I refer to concrete roof slabs, tiled roofs, IBR roof sheets, etc. The selection of the correct roof paint or topcoat for the specific substrate is complicated. There are so many trade names and manufacturers, and it is easy to make the wrong selection.

To ease up on what to choose one should always remember that irrespective of the roof substrate, a paint system consists of a sealer, a primer, an undercoat, and a final coat.  One should always purchase the materials in this manner.

Understanding roof painting systems

The paint you see on a roof surface is part of a system. If the system is good, it will combine several components to provide durability and protection for at least ten years.

A system will always include two or more of the following components:

  • Roof sealer – Used to waterproof and seal defects, joints, overlaps, and porous surfaces such as old roof tiles and concrete slabs. It also ensures good adhesion of the applied paint system.
  • Primer – Used as a first coat on metal roof sheeting and frames to protect against corrosion. On roof tiles and concrete slab substrates it is used to fill cracks and protect against alkali attack. In general, it ensures better adhesion to the surface by providing an anchor for the coating system.
  • Undercoat – It is used to improve adhesion between the underlying coats and the final coat. It covers the previous colour of coating layers, fills porous surfaces such as old brittle roof tiles, and provides a base for the final coat. Our EDPM rubber paint is self-undercoating, which saves the customer money to paint roof substrates.
  • Final coat – The final coat provides the final appearance of the paint system and protects the underlying coats and substrate from the elements. A superior quality roof paint such as our EDPM rubber emulsion ensures just that.

A final note on how to choose the best material to paint a roof

If you want to do the roof painting exercise yourself, use the above as a guideline to ensure the best quality products are sourced. Choose products with a guaranteed lifespan and follow the instructions on the label. You are then pretty much ensured of success.

Going through this exercise can however be cumbersome and easy to make a mistake. If you are unsure of anything, or if you want us at Roof Buddies to paint the roof give us a call.  We will gladly assist.




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