The worst roof repairs we have ever seen

Roof Repairs

The worst roof repairs we have ever seen

Undoubtedly, we have encountered the worst roof repairs we have ever seen! A customer phoned us to request an inspection with the initial comment that the roof is leaking excessively during rainstorms and a part of the roof is starting to come apart.

What we found

When our roof inspector arrived at the site, he was shocked at what he found. The house had a very steep sloped roof with four valleys which contractors have attempted to repair on a previous occasion. The state of the valleys was a complete mess as can be seen in the photo below. The roof ridge tiles were also loose in places which contributed to the leaking roof.

Roof repair of valleys

Further, we found some cracks in the concrete roof slabs of two balconies as well as areas where the torch-on waterproofing came loose. The result of all of this was a frustrated homeowner due to absolutely the worst roof repairs we have ever encountered. We were also concerned about the drainage of the balconies and suggested additional outlet pipes to be fitted. The customer accepted our quotation, and we started work the following day.

Roof repairs to torch on membrane

As a final nail in the coffin, we found a roof overhang where battens and purlins broke, resulting in tiles coming loose. This situation can be life-threatening as tiles may fall on vehicles or people below. Upon inspection, we found the origin of the problem was most probably caused by someone climbing on the roof and the weight of the person contributed to breaking the battens below.

Our roof repair solution

To solve this poor repair job, we did the following:

  1. Safety ropes were used to anchor the roof repair team.
  2. We washed the areas that required repair work.
  3. The roof repair work commenced by first repairing and waterproofing the roof ridges.
  4. Next, we repaired and cleaned the roof valleys.
  5. After the valleys were repaired, we installed a new EDPM rubber membrane lining on the inside of each valley. This is to prevent rainwater from overflowing into the roof cavity area.
  6. Any loose and shifted roof tiles were next on the job card list. They were shifted and secured back into place.
  7. The next item was the repairs of the broken battens and purlins on one of the roof corners. Here we used scaffolding to enable us to safely reach the area where the new brandering had to be installed. After the installation of the new battens, we treated the raw wood with Carbolineum to prevent corrosion and ant infestation. Lastly, we refitted and secured the loose roof tiles.
  8. The balcony slabs and gutters were now next in line. We repaired the cracks in the concrete roof slabs and waterproofed the complete concrete roof area with our EDPM liquid rubber product to ensure a watertight area. Lastly, the new gutters were fitted to ensure added drainage of the roof slab areas.

The result of superior roof repairs

Following the work described above, we ensured a happy customer with a properly repaired waterproof roof for years to come.

Roof repairs to torch-on waterproofing

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