Roof tile refurbishment to cost-effectively solve a leaking roof

Roof Tile After Paint

Roof tile refurbishment to cost-effectively solve a leaking roof

Do you have a leaking tiled roof and consider roof tile refurbishment and replacing the roof, think again!

When property owners consider replacing the old roof tile covering, they quickly discover the pitfalls of such an exercise. High roof tile prices at Build It, Builders Warehouse or other roofing material suppliers, as well as sky-high labour costs, simply make such an exercise unaffordable for many.

Cracked And Worn Tiled Roof Surfaces Before Painting With EDPM Rubber

Another challenge property owners also face with the replacement of roof tiles is the inconvenience they must vacate the property. When roof tiles are replaced dust and other harmful residue settle inside the property, creating a big health hazard. To make things worse, the old brittle and worn roof tile surface cause severe water leaks when it rains. These results then create in many cases lots of damage to assets.

Roof Tile Cleaning Is Essential Before Paint Is Applied

You will be surprised to know that Roof Buddies has a cost-effective solution to the detrimental situation above. Instead of embarking on a costly replacement exercise, we recommend the following:

  • replace only broken tiles
  • paint the roof tile covering with our superior EDPM Rubber emulsion.

The Prepared Roof Tile Surfaces After Cleaning

Our EDPM Rubber emulsion is an unique all-in-one roof paint sealant that withstands the harsh South African climate. To add to these benefits this unique roof paint also strengthens the roof tile surfaces tremendously.

We have various colours available and also offer a paint tinting service to our customers. Our application method is also unique as we only use an airless spray machine during the painting process.

Spray Painting The Tiled Roof Surface With EDPM Rubber Paint

The advantage of using this painting technique is that the EDPM Rubber emulsion is applied evenly, penetrating all openings, cracks, and pores. This ensures that the roof tile surface is properly waterproofed and strengthened.

Contact the Roof Buddies office to book your roof inspection and to find out how we can help you.


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