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Proper Roof Repair

Continuous roof repairs are faced by many property owners. The reasons often vary from inferior workmanship to normal wear and tear of roof surfaces and roof components. Any unattended damage and roof leaks will eventually culminate into large scale roof repairs. Many roof repair contractors would then advise total roof replacement which in many cases is simply impossible because the building is occupied. The cost for roof repair can then easily escalate into the hundreds of thousands of Rands. Roof repair by Roof Buddies are done differently! We save the customer substantial costs by rather conducting roof repairs than a total replacement. Be assured that we conduct all roof repairs properly and to the highest standard, which enables us to guarantee our work and products in access of 10 years. 

How much does roof repairs cost?

The cost of roof repair greatly depends on the severity of damages. If severe structural damage exists, Roof Buddies endeavors to repair instead of replace. This applies to roof covering as well as the roof support structure. 

To enable an objective evaluation of the level of roof damage, Roof Buddies inspect the inner parts of a roof area as well as the outer surface. Detailed photos are taken and a quotation accompanied by the proposed remedy to repair and waterproof the roof are prepared and presented to the customer.