How to save cost when painting roofing tiles

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How to save cost when painting roofing tiles

Currently, the project cost of painting roofing tiles comes to about R200 per square metre VAT incl. This normally involves the full scope of repairs, waterproofing, and painting of the roof.

More extensive repairs and waterproofing requirements escalate this rate per square metre. When budgeting for painting roofing tile surfaces it is important to bear in mind that the cost involved will be about 30% more than that of painting other roof surface types.

Factors such as an increased paintable surface and a porous tile surface are to blame. So, do not be fooled to expect a similar cost per square metre compared to painting other roof surface types. Now you may ask how you paint a tiled roof as cheaply as possible without compromising quality.

In this post, I am answering this question by outlining the method Roof Buddies uses to achieve just that.

Systems used when painting roofing tiles

One of the best methods to save on painting a tiled roof is to ensure the correct painting system is applied. The methodology behind the application, which we use, includes the following:

  1. Superior workmanship when preparing the surfaces for painting. This involves quality repairs and waterproofing using only the best materials as rated by SANS and the SABS.
  2. Proper cleaning of the roof surface using a high-pressure hose. This ensures that all the dust and mildew particles are removed.
  3. The application of a top-quality primer coat to ensure proper adhesion of the topcoat paint. Here we use an airless spray machine to ensure the primer is applied evenly and that the particles enter all the pores on the surface of the tiles.

Apply the superior-quality roof paint as your topcoat. Again, we use an airless spray machine as the application method. This will ensure less paint is used while achieving a superb finish and waterproof roof in excess of 10 years.

All too often we see customers choose the most expensive roof paint and apply it to unspecified inferior quality preparation materials. In some cases, we have even seen that no primer coat was applied before the expensive topcoat was applied. These are costly mistakes as they always result in re-waterproofing and recoating of the roof.

Choice of system

When coating roofs you will find premium, standard, and economical systems. Here I refer to the lifespan of the total roof coating system which comprises a primer, a waterproofing emulsion, and a topcoat that will last either 8 years, 10 years, or 12 or more years.

We have found that the more economical the primer and waterproofing components, the less lifespan the roof paint has. Applying a premium quality topcoat on poor-quality preparation materials will only result in a recoat after two years.

This results in escalated costs which you want to avoid. Interestingly we have also seen that the project cost of recoating an economical roof painting system is always more than that of a premium system from the start.


So, if you want to save money when painting your house’s roof follow this simple methodology outlined above.

Do not attempt to cut costs by applying superior-quality paint on second-grade repair and waterproofing products. Or even worse, simply applying the expensive roof paint over unprepared surfaces. This applies even if your budget is tight.

Roof Buddies has used the above methodology for years to save our customers lots of money. Therefore, by using superior quality products and applying them with an airless spray machine, you increase the maintenance cycle of the roof to more than 10 years. This inevitably results in huge cost savings eventually.

Reach out to us if you require any further advice concerning painting your house’s tiled roof surface, or if you want us to paint the roof.



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