Guide to waterproofing metal roofs

Waterproofing Metal Roofs

Guide to waterproofing metal roofs

We have lately encountered numerous cases where previous attempts at waterproofing metal roofs did not last. In some cases, customers had waterproofing contractors fixing roof leaks not even 6 months ago. This type of inferior workmanship creates recurring roof leaks followed by a lot of frustration and excessive expenses for the customer.

In this regard, we thought that it could be of value to do a post as a guide to waterproofing metal roofs. This post shows you how to properly do the waterproofing with the waterproofing material we use. If you follow these steps, you are guaranteed a lasting leak-free roof for at least 5 years. This is a requirement stated in the SANS regulations covering waterproofing of roofs.

Waterproofing metal roofs: A lasting solution in 3 easy steps

Metal roofs and roof leaks are almost synonymous. So how does the property owner solve and prevent this pesky problem without huge expenditure and damage to property? The best for us is to help by providing a step-by-step method we follow. A method that is flawless if used in conjunction with our EDPM liquid rubber and membrane combination.

Step 1: Thorough cleaning of the roof area

Our first step entails the thorough cleaning of the entire roof area. The reason for this is twofold.

  • 1stone cannot perform a thorough inspection of the roof area to establish the origin of any roof leaks if the area is covered with dust and grime.
  • 2nd the roof waterproofing products need a clean surface to bond effectively with the metal roof covering.

When cleaning the roof area, we first wash the total area with a high-pressure washer.  We then enter the roof cavity, if possible, to inspect the inside roof beams to establish leak areas. We mark the corresponding areas on the roof area.

On the surface area, we check for corrosion and treat the areas with a good SABS-approved anti-rust agent. To treat the rusted areas, scrub the affected areas with a wired brush. A word of caution; do not use a flat disc attached to an angle grinder to remove rust from roof sheeting. The reason is that this application method thins out the roof sheeting and worsens the chances of further corrosion. Now, as a final step clean all areas again with running water and allow them to dry.

Step 2: Apply EDPM Liquid Rubber and a woven polyurethane membrane combination

The second step is applying our EDPM Liquid Rubber combined with a woven polyurethane membrane. To do this effectively follow the method below:

  • Apply one coat of EDPM Liquid Rubber on all roof screws, roof sheeting overlaps, holes in the roof sheeting, flashings, and roof ridge areas.
  • Place membrane on these areas and follow with a coat of EDPM Liquid Rubber.
  • Apply a second cover coat of EDPM Liquid Rubber as a finish. Allow for adequate drying time between coats.

Step 3: Wash the roof area

As a final step, wash the complete roof area again, and inspect the roof cavity for any further leaks. Please take note; only perform this action after at least 4 hours following the last coat of EDPM Liquid Rubber. Initiate step 2 above and repair the corresponding areas if you find any more leaks.

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